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TTK'C. We see for ourselves the project, to collect the torah texts that appear in computer software. We would like to offer our customers the ability to view the collective sites, from our web site. The computer is a new vessel to collect information, and there are those who would discourage their use, only because that which is new is not allowed. We hope to provide a solution as to how we can get our children to use the computer for learning, and other constructive purposes, as opposed to using it as a detriment. We also hope to provide an excellent search engine for piskei halacha. In the last century and a half there have been numerous inventions that have helped make learning torah easier. The tape recorder is used all over the world to tape, and listen to shiurim. The phone has made it possible to get an answer to she'elot in halacha faster than ever before. These are but a few examples of how modern technology has helped facilitate learning. We hope to provide software for the personal computer that can help the computer join the list of helpful technologies. Our software includes S.T.M. (which will be coming out in its new and improved version soon). Other examples include the halacha in the otzar hahalacha v'haminhag. We have software dealing exclusively with the laws of medicine and blessings Nehorai. We also have a collection of seforim from Chabad, Bresslov, and the seforim of Harav Kook. We will provide you with the easiest way o find any source from the Talmud (both Babylonian and Jerusalem), Maimonides, and the shulchan aruch. This is a valuable time saver, which lets you use the texts for longer, by cutting down on the time dedicated to the search. Whether you are looking for piskei halacha, or for sayings of chazal, we give you the best way to get to the sources, and spend time examining them. We also enable you to chart the evolution of halacha by examining the psakim chronologically. You can copy information onto other programs, or you can print it straight. We find numerous teshuvot regarding things that help us collect information, and help us with our learning. The rambam says in his peirush hamishnayot in tractate sanhedrin, perek chelek, yesod 13 that " I have seen the benefits from collecting what was written in numerous books. The sefer peleh yoetz writes, " we have much thanks for those who have collected and codified the numerous sources. They are helping genarations of people in their learning. He continues, that in our later generations, where we are more rushed and don't have as much understanding of the torah, we are able to do parts of our chiyuvim, because of the collectors and codifyers. In every generation, we need to collect the responsa, to help our rabanim.etc... Those who do the collecting are helping the masses etc... Don't be discouraged by those who will laugh at you, because those books who collect and codify are much more important than all the sefarim of pilpul. The s'dei chemed, in his introduction writes, he who will make a index for the piskei harash, is doing a great service for us. He ends off, that the rule is that all of these labors, seek to make the torah greater. In the Hebrew web site, you can find shiurim to download in Hebrew Word. There are also weekly discusions on the parshah from